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                     Welcome to Harves Premium Gift ! We are Malaysia's pioneering provider of mobile phone accessories as premium gift solutions for all occasions. 


About Us

Harves Premium Gift provides a brand promotion solution to effectively let consumers bring your brand home! What's more, they will see or touch your brand everyday!  Better yet, they will remember your brand forever and make it a part of their life, work and entertainment. 

Mobile phones have become an indispensable personal item, inserting gift marketing into them represents the best branding solution. Our premium gifts centre round mobile phone interfaces that are inserted with your brand message (eg. your logo), combining your brand message with mobile phones. 



Harves Premium Gift is a member of a group of companies, and the other 2 sister companies include Harves Distribution Sdn Bhd and The One Mobile Communication Sdn Bhd. Founded in 2010, Harves Distribution Sdn Bhd is one of the biggest companies in Malaysia that markets fashionable ornaments for mobile phones and tablets. A branding business, it has created its own lable under :

Established in 2002, The One Mobile Communication Sdn Bhd is a mobile phone outlet selling various well-established brands. After years of efforts and growth, the company presently owns in East Coast and Northern Malaysia. 

Since mobile phones are our core business, Harves Premium Gift has locked on its gift items to anything that relates to these electronic gadgets, which represent our strongest and most confident area. 


Make your Brand be Remembered Every Day!